I am a father of two children, husband to a wonderful partner, an Executive and Workforce Development consultant, a social and civics advocate, and now your next State Representative for Ohio House – District 46 (Middletown, Monroe, Liberty Twp, Madison Twp, portion of New Miami and all areas in between)

I arrived in SW Ohio over 20 years ago but before, at the age of 12, I was adopted and by my Junior year of High School I was working 3 jobs, renting an apartment while still graduating near the top of my class. Without really knowing what my next steps were and quite last minute, with the help of a friend I was able to enroll at Indiana University through a program for first generation college students. There I was involved in many activities on campus: Resident Assistant, IU Soul Review, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., as a student/mentor/program manager for FASE Mentoring program, McNair Scholar, amongst many other activities. Upon graduation I arrived in the Cincinnati area and soon after began my career in Human Resources obtaining my 2nd degree from University of Cincinnati at night while working full time in the field. After the birth of my 1st son, I obtained my MBA. I have worked for and partnered with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, Startup, Military Defense, and Manufacturing as well as supported nonprofit, private and public sector organizations and cities. In my work, I know how important it is to have practices, processes, and mindsets that allow us to address the changing landscapes that individuals, executives, and organizational teams face when delivering initiatives and solutions to their stakeholders. I have been on both sides of hiring and layoffs and know all too well the struggle of providing for those you love in good and tough times.

“Everything is a cost, but it’s how we set priorities and
make investments that will determine our future!”

I have spent my career supporting others, whether that be on the shop floor or at the glass ceiling in business or being an advocate for our schools when they needed the community the most and am dedicated to our region. My wife and I met and married here in SW Ohio where we started our family. We have two sons that are active in a number of academic and sport activities, etc. Our children have attended both private and public education and we see the balance for both while being adamant supporters of our public schools! I have always had an inner need to serve and work with organizations that build up our youth and invest in our community. From being an artist on tour with the Cincinnati Arts Association, and as a past mentor with Cincinnati Youth Collaborative. I have spent time as part of the Cincinnati Black Theatre Company where we shared the love of arts education across the region to schools, libraries, and non-profit events and have had increased involvement in Lakota Public Schools, getting to know members of the Board of Education, Lakota Educators and administrators, resource officers and local union members employed across district services.


As a result of my active involvement and requests by several citizens across our community to get more involved in public service, I made the decision to run for State Representative. Like any normal citizen would feel, this is an enormous decision. To take time away from family and seemingly normal life, and add additional service for the community and this district as a whole. I’ve never sought to be the face of a campaign or to be a political figure. I feel that political office is about being a representative. A representative for the community. To listen and share what is important for our neighbors and local businesses. This is fundamental and a foundation for the calling I received in running.

Like so many of you – regardless of political leanings – I have grown impatient with the lack of execution by our representatives. The inability to truly listen to the communities they serve and the extreme ideological policies and rhetoric that attempts to divide us rather than find ways we can move forward. We need to elect leaders who are willing to stand up and call out what is right.

Because RIGHT is RIGHT and WRONG is WRONG.

Our families, businesses, and community members need a voice that will listen and advocate for them in the Ohio State House. This is why I am running for Ohio State Representative.

While a campaign is needed. The campaign is just one long interview.  Once anyone gains their constituents’ trust, they then have to do the job. My aim is to work for the community, be a voice for the district, and bring that voice to the state house.

That is the role. That is the work.

I will collaborate and reason with other representatives with integrity, compassion, and from a place of true public service.

This is what we need. More people that are willing to listen and talk to each other. That move policies forward to benefit all communities, not just their own.

Because it’s not about ME

It’s about WE!